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Welcome to the Web Site of Australian Molasses Trading.

AMT are exporters of Molasses
-an agricultural by-product of sugar milling- for use in the stockfeed and fermentation industries.

Annual export sales are made to customers in USA, Asia/Far East, New Zealand and the EU.

Photograph:  Townsville Port


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History and description of AMT, with Molasses Production and Export Statistics.

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Information on Australian blackstrap cane molasses.

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To place an order, fill-in our on-line form.  All necessary information is provided.
AMT does not pay commissions - no agents please!

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Australian Molasses Trading Pty Ltd
ABN 39 059 904 317
Telephone:  (+617) 3364 1678
Fax:  (+617) 3364 1611
Address:  GPO Box 2224, Brisbane, Qld, 4001